HSE Gourmet


Took a trip to one of our faves❤- Hsegourmet which underwent renovation a little while back.

The space still looks like a scene straight out of uptown New York. We would love more size but they do a really good job making it feel bigger than it really is.

HSE Gourmet

Started off with the mac and cheese mixed with bacon. We’ve had so many mixed experiences with Mac and cheese in Lagos (mostly meh?) but Hsegourmet always do a really good job with their mac and cheese and this was no different. Weirdly, I personally still prefer their plain Mac and cheese although if funds are sufficient, definitely try the grilled pork variant?

HSE Gourmet

Their Mediterranean Mixed Grill (sorry for that pic, partner couldn’t wait to dig in☠️)is made up of chicken, beef and vegetable medley grilled on a with a yoghurt dipping sauce.
Has a 40 minute wait time (took more than this actually?) but definitely recommend

Rounded up with the Duck Lasagna which was slow roasted whole duck, roasted sweet pepper ragu, fontina(cow milk cheese ?)
& parmesan cheese with pasta. This was so so good. A 10 /10. Had a bottle of Chardonnay to wash it all down.

HSE Gourmet

The “new” Hsegourmet picks up right where the old variant left off with very few complaints and a spot as one of (if not THE) best restaurants in Lagos. Only small niggle was the matter of getting out of there late with an Uber as the roads were kind of sealed off and required a “password” (hey, don’t ask us the rationale ??‍♂️)

?: Hsegourmet
Onijekuje Verdict: Must Go ❤?

HSE Gourmet

Mediterranean Mixed Grill- 8500
Mac N Cheese with Bacon- 5800
Duck Lasagna- 11,000
Chardonnay- 11,000

*VAT exclusive(nay?)

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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