Woks and Koi Restaurant

Woks and Koi is a Chinese restaurant in Nigeria, it has three branches, one in Lagos and two in Abuja. For this review, I will give my take on their Lagos branch located at lekki.

The ambiance is Chinese-themed with some touch of modern architecture.
Also has an open space with a mural which I love, a good idea for picture lovers like me ?. They also have an enclosed dining area for private parties and all.

Woks and Koi Restaurant

The restaurant lighting isn’t that great for pictures but if you have a good camera, it will do the trick?. The table size is relatively small (the smallest I’ve seen), had to start creating space for my meals. There was no bag/purse stool, didn’t like the fact I had to put my bag on the floor.

For the location and quality, woks and koi are more affordable than I thought which makes it a good place to have few friends for a get-together and budget-friendly first dates or date nights.

Woks and Koi Restaurant

The meals are really tasty, the chicken and sweet corn soup are well made. I also love the fact that they aren’t stingy with ingredients/proteins (if you know what I mean). I will like to assume they make their noodles in house because of how different it tastes and looks.

Customer service is okay, love the fact there is someone for each service; someone to control your parking, someone to open your car door and make you feel like a Queen ?, someone to open the restaurant door, someone to take your orders, and someone hanging around to make sure you are okay or checking if you might need anything which is nice.

Budget: 3-course meal
25k for 2 persons


Woks and Koi Restaurant

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