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Some of my favorite shots from the food tasting event at the recently opened Asian fusion restaurant in Lagos Jinja_lagos

The event started with a guided tour around the Ebony Life building and we came back to the restaurant for what i can only describe as a very interesting time tasting over 20 items on the menu ?

I stopped taking pictures of the food at some point and just focused on eating and making videos of everything that crossed my table (Instagram reel coming up!) ?

So, my summary… The food came so late… GOSH! We were basically waiting for at least 20-30mins between each meal for the next one to come and when it finally came, each dish looked and tasted more rushed than the last. Some plates were visibly greasy and not properly cleaned ?

The waiters on duty weren’t attentive, the food came to our table on a different platter but they neglected to change our plates so i was using the same plate to eat different things; so Sushi was touching Noodles and Yam and Plantain and Wings and … you get the gist ? They didn’t even give us water until i asked so E CHOKE ?

I had a fun time dining here but honestly, only about 6-7 items on the menu did it for me. I want to believe that they were overwhelmed in the kitchen and it’ll get better when they get used to a full house so let’s cut them some slack.

Overall, it’s 3 of 5 stars from me ❤️

Review By: Damiedarling


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