Pearl Restaurant Eko Atlantic

Is luxury a thing of the mind???⁣

One thing I’ve noticed in my quest for the good life is that, luxury is actually affordable.⁣

I’m sure you are thinking, “how is this even possible?”⁣

I’ve noticed that most restaurants/places in very high brow areas that people fear actually cost the same as restaurants in normal areas.⁣

It’s the perception or your account balance that’s affecting your confidence.⁣

So today, I urge you to visit a place you’ve been scared to go to and you’ll realize that it’s all in the mind. (??? ?? ???????? ?, ??? ????’? ??? ???????????? ???????? ??? ?????? ?? ??????? ?)⁣

What restaurant have you wished to visit but have been worried it might be over your budget???⁣

??????? ?⁣
Prawn skewers: 5,900⁣
Pearl Ocean Mohito: 4,000⁣

BUDGET (per couple):⁣ 25,000⁣⁣
CUISINE : ⁣Fusion⁣⁣
BEST FOR : Rooftop⁣
ADDRESS?: ⁣Eko Atlantic, Eko Pearl, VI, Lagos.⁣

PARKING ?:⁣ ✅⁣⁣

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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