Veggie Victory Ng: Vegan Restaurant in Lagos

Ever Had Vegan Food?

Contrary to popular belief, there’s only 1 vegan restaurant in Lagos Veggievictoryng

Strict Vegetarian AKA Vegan
These are people who do not eat animals or their produce. For example, a vegan will not eat chicken and will also not eat egg. A vegan will not eat cow meat and will also not drink milk.

I Tried:
Vegan Nkwobi
Vegan Burger
Tofu Suya

So if you see salad spots and parfait spots, they are healthy options and not vegan.

I took some courses in sustainability in food service and how to open a restaurant businesses and in the both I saw how healthy and sustainable eating is becoming a big deal because according to forecast, in 50 years we won’t have enough meat to go around.

So before meat will finish, let me tell you guys how the alternative taste in the review coming soon……

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


Neesahs Beauty and Spa Abuja

Jabi Art & Craft Market, Abuja

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