RSVP Lagos


RSVP remains one of the top spots in Lagos and for great reason. We’ve been to several restaurants around town and they probably remain the most consistent place in Lagos.
They. Just. Don’t. Miss.

Probably just make sure you reserve before heading there though ?. We’ve had a few impromptu trips and the sitting we got wasn’t the best.

RSVP Lagos

Following our mantra of “Eat dessert first”?, slide 1 is the triple threat which consists of caramel popcorn laced with caramel ice cream and dulce de leche (basically caramelized milk). This was so good; one of the best we’ve had in Lagos.

Slide 2- the jumbo prawns which consists of sautéed jumbo prawns, coconut, red chili, lime served with a prawn dumpling, plantain and ginger scented rice. For the price however, we did feel that the prawns were too small. We definitely would have preferred larger portions like the type we had at Ox.restobar but the serving itself was top ??

RSVP Lagos

Slide 4 is the chicken roast which is made of a roasted half chicken, mash, gravy and green peas. Totally loved this meal. The consistency of the mash was divine. Would have liked the chicken to be a bit better spiced though. It did feel a bit bland headed inside.

Last slide is your good ol Mojito ? and we were giving two Aperitif shots on the house for good measure. I’ve also had my food changed a couple of times at no cost when it didn’t mesh with my tastebuds (super nice folks)
The energy at  is one of the best we know at any restaurants in Lagos. We would like to see more outdoor dining done there though.

RSVP Lagos

Service can be a tad slow on a really busy day (downside to having a lot of people and that great energy I suppose?) but the staff are always helpful and courteous. Lighting is one aspect maybe they could improve on. It can be a bit difficult to get really good shots at night (kind of a dim place) but that’s just really nitpicking

RSVP Lagos

?: Rsvplagos
Onijekuje Verdict: Must Go ❤?(our first??)

Triple Threat- 5,800
Jumbo Prawns- 14,800
Chicken Roast- 11,800
Mojito- 3,200

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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