Woks by the Blowfish, Lagos

Woks by the Blow fish group is an Asian restaurant located at 17, Oju Olobun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The room is filled with a lot of marble pieces from the tables to the wall and the entire floor is terrazzo. The lighting is not that great for pictures but a good phone camera will do, they also have space for outdoor sitters which is great as well.

Woks by the Blowfish, Lagos

My experience at woksbyblowfishgroup was just there, it’s a pricey restaurant for the quality and service you would receive. If you are very hungry (or the type that eats in large portions), I won’t recommend here or better still, visit here when you’ve already munched on something?.

First, the food processing takes too long, the waiting time to get your food ehn, the good part is all your meals are freshly made when you get there which is always a plus for me.
Secondly, the food portions compared to the price is very small. So you will probably still be hungry after your meal ?

Woks by the Blowfish, Lagos

When placing your order, please confirm if what is on the menu is what you’re being served.

I ordered seafood stir fry; first, they said it doesn’t come with sides just the sauce(which I ordered steamed rice). Then, on the menu, it was indicated I would get prawns, calamari, and fish. Just for the food to come, no fish??‍♀️. And they claimed it was a menu error?!?

Are you just printing the menu? If it’s an error you can’t strike it out? Or something?

Woks by the Blowfish, Lagos

Customer service is 4/10 they seem nonchalant, just walking around and not caring if you’ve been served or not (or will I say they have this attitude because Waiter A is your waiter, it non of Waiter B business if you’re being served or not).

I would have said, it’s probably just my experience or my table that was serviced that way, but every guest at different tables had one thing to complain about or the other especially a large group of diners that were present at the time.

They need to work on their waiting time, staff and of course the food, I didn’t enjoy my meal one bit, my Singapore noodles weren’t bad though, but my seafood stir fry was quite salty (my first bite; I was wondering if it was my taste buds ?) took two spoons and left it.
Woks by the Blowfish, Lagos

It’s okay to have your niche market or target audience, but if you are in Nigeria you have to cater to the expectation of the dominant population with your core business strategy in mind if you don’t take care of both, experiences like this would surface.

Budget: single meals
35k for two.

written By: Faithreviews


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