La Chaumiere Lagos

La Chaumiere Lagos:

Had an absolute feast Lachaumiere.lagos
Started off with the Margarita pizza and we loved the thin crust and the marinara sauce.

Pasta of choice was the chicken Alfredo which is a popular choice here. Was maybe just a tad bit too creamy for us but wasn’t bad at all.
La Chaumiere Lagos

Highlight of the day was the surf and turf which tasted just as good as it looked. Made up of grilled jumbo prawns and tender served with vegetables and a side of your choice. Its a pricey meal but it’s premium fr.

The Singaporean Chilli Chicken is breaded chicken in a lovely spicy camarelized sauce served with steamed rice by the side. This was so good. Loved it.

La Chaumiere Lagos

We also had fish and chips, lasagna and chicken wings and loved all. The customer service was on point and it’s a nice spot to take pictures. For our money, it’s one of the best places to go in Lagos.

?: Lachaumiere.lagos

Onijekuje Verdict: Must Go❤️?

La Chaumiere Lagos

Margarita Pizza- 4000
Chicken Wings- 3500
Garlic Cheese Bread- 4800
Singaporean Chilli Chicken- 6800
Fish and Chips- 6800
Surf and Turf- 13800
Chicken Alfredo- 7800
Lasagna- 8000

La Chaumiere Lagos

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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