Flavour Junction Restaurant, Lagos Nigeria

FLAVOUR JUNCTION Flavorjunction__

Here’s where you can grab a meal for N5k on the Island in Lagos Nigeria. Flavour Junction is a quick service fast food restaurant that serves different Nigerian Meals.

From rice dishes such as Jollof, Asun rice, soups, swallow and other Nigerian staples such as Nkwobi. They even have staples! You can also take advantage of their different combo meals and get more value for your money

The restaurant space is also very clean and spacious

Featured in the video:
Jollof rice combo (jollof rice, turkey, plantain) – N2,000
Nkwobi – N3,000
Poundo – N350
Egusi 2 scoop per portion – N1,500
2 scoop per portion for oriental rice – N2,200
2 scoop per portion for Asun rice – N2,700

Contact 0704 800 0909

LOCATION: 2A Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, Nigeria

Mon – Sun from 9am – 11pm
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