Lokito Restaurant, Lagos

We found another lowkey gem called Lokito Restaurant, Lagos Lokito_restaurant
It’s so lowkey that it’s kind of hard to locate, but make your way to  Prime Water Gardens 2, and you’ll be alright.

The ambience is giving 2006 Nollywood vibes, and there’s a lot of attempt at nostalgia, which we love.

Lokito Restaurant, Lagos

The Peppered Guniea Fowl was a fav❤️. Spice level is set to medium, so beware (or low for those with the Yoruba pepper genes). It’s enough for starters for a large group.

We also really enjoyed their oyster sauce and white rice. The sauce was tasty and well flavoured although we kind of feel asides the oysters, the protein of choice should be more than just an egg and the rice was also a tad small but enough to fill you up. The oysters were A1✨️

Lokito Restaurant, Lagos

The afang was maybe their weakest point, or it could just be that we have no idea what good afang should taste like, and we would have preferred pounded yam instead of poundo.

Their palm wine was chilled and wonderful, and they also sell ogogoro. In summary, Lokito_restaurant is a very nice budget friendly and unique restaurant to try out on the island. They also have Calypso nights on Friday, which are a vibe. The only snag really is that they’re hard to locate.

Lokito Restaurant, Lagos

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????: Lokito_restaurant
Onijekuje Verdict: (Really) Worth A Visit✅️ ✅️

Lokito Restaurant, Lagos

White Rice with Oyster Sauce – 7,000
Peppered Guinea Fowl 12,000
Afang- 5,000
Palmwine- 1,000/cup
Poundo- 1,000

Written By: Onijekuje


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