Sketch Restaurant Victoria Island, Lagos

Sketch restaurant is located on Victoria Island, Lagos although they have another branch in Abuja. For this post, I will be reviewing the newly opened branch in Lagos.

The ambiance is 2D/3D themed, looks like those coloring books we used in primary school so resist the urge to paint the walls when you visit, you’re no longer in Montessori you pay taxes now please?. It’s well-spaced and ideal for birthday parties, hanging out with friends, dates, and reunions.

Sketch Restaurant Victoria Island, Lagos

I will give them 8/10 for the ambiance, although it’s a nice place for pictures especially if you wear bold colors, your pictures will pop.
The lighting wasn’t that great, when I visited it was dim and it made one dark in pictures, I was told they will work on it anyways, however, you can as well brighten the pictures.

Although not budget-friendly, the meals are delicious. I’m still baffled why we Lagosians have to spend so much on fine dining while spending significantly less in Abuja. For instance, Pasta on their menu is N6,500 in Abuja, the same pasta o is N15,700 in Lagos and the Abuja menu has a lot more varieties than their Lagos counterpart. ?

Sketch Restaurant Victoria Island, Lagos

(In their defense, the lagos branch is just opening so I hope when they settle in they can give us better options).

If you are in Lagos and you have a party here in fact you are a happening babe/guy because you spend an average of N15,000 per person (I trust my followers sha ona dey loaded??).

It is still the restaurant I’ve spent the most on a burger, but it was worth every bit of it as it was tasty. I would have legit cried if it came out bad ?.
Oh my dessert, cheesecake with blueberry gel was so yummy! I enjoyed every bit of my money.

Sketch Restaurant Victoria Island, Lagos

Although the stir fry rice was just there and kinda dry for me, I had to request chili sauce to eat it with. The chicken lollipop was so tiny and it was just bone in my opinion, I couldn’t even see enough flesh to bite on one stick?.

For customer service, I will give them 9/10 as my waiter was so nice and patient even the lady that welcomed me from the entrance was so hospitable. The waiters are willing to help take your pictures even with their busy schedules. I hope they maintain this standard as time goes on.

I wasn’t okay with the attitude of the manager or probably the supervisor, he was selecting people to greet or check on if they enjoy their meals, it was so obvious. Serious wahala for who no look flashy o.

Sketch Restaurant Victoria Island, Lagos

What I had:
Strawberry milkshake N5,500
Stir-fried rice N6,500
Chicken Lollipop N8,900
Egyptian Roadhouse burger N14,100
Cheesecake with blueberry gel N9,400
Water N1,500


written By: Faithreviews


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