The Grill By Yanna

Yesssss, I finally found the best grill spot with the kind of environment I love to always be around; Calm & Chilled..
I have eaten so many grilled foods from different food vendors and restaurants and I can beat my chest and say that, Thegrillbyyanna is sitting comfortably at my number one spot for grills, dammnnn ??, soft, juicy, succulent grills ??

I visited Thegrillbyyanna and I decided to do a platter instead cos I wanted plenty things to chop ?.
I ordered;

The Grill By Yanna



PRESENTATION: very lovely outdoor space, they also have a huge indoor space too but I prefer the outdoor cos there’s just life outside always and you can watch your food preparation by the chef. Service was swift, and to think I expected them to take a long time cos the platter was consisting of a lot but 20mins was exactly 20mins ????. The waitress was very nice and so kind.

– Chicken Wings
– Turkey Wings
– Chicken sausage
– Chicken Breast
– Fries
– Corn cob

The Grill By Yanna

I will say it again that this is the best place to eat grilled foods famz and I’m not kidding you. When I was about to order this, I said, “I hope the platter will not be one small thing with small portions of what’s on the list” and the waitress said, “Sir, I can assure you, you won’t be able to finish it” and I laughed cos she dunno ?? but at the end, I actually wasn’t able to finish it cos the platter was big, like it was a lot, I had eaten about 5 pieces before I even took these pictures.

The Grill By Yanna

The platter was amazing, very tasty, delicious, juicy, succulent ?? oh lawwwwddd, LOOK AT THAT PICTURE AGAIN?? and feel what I’m feeling, Chai ?, I’m salivate all over again. I ate the platter mercilessly ??, ate it like I have never eaten grilled chicken or turkey before (if you watched my stories, then you know ?). Their sauce, + whatever secret spice they added to the sauce to give it its unique taste, was awesome ?. The chicken was soft anyhow, you could eat the bone and not know, the fries, just how I like it, crunchy on the outside and then with two cans of HEINEKEN (Heinekenng how far your boy is doing wonders for you oo??),

Review By: Paulkezu


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