Vanilla Moon, Victoria Island Lagos

Vanilla moon is located at Victoria Island Lagos. This is not your regular restaurant when we talk about price, taste, and serving. The ambiance gives this minimalist vibe, which makes it a great spot for out-of-office meetings or formal dining.

Vanilla Moon, Victoria Island Lagos

I will say the exterior of the restaurant is not conspicuous for passersby, you can walk across the street and not notice you just passed by a restaurant.

The best time to visit is during the early hours of the day because of the small space of the restaurant.

The restaurant staff ratio compared to the number of available tables is probably 3:1. If you want you can have multiple waiters to yourself?

Love that they have a bag/purse stool (that’s always a plus for me ?) for ladies because I don’t like it when I visit a restaurant and I don’t have where to place my purse.

Vanilla Moon, Victoria Island Lagos

For their menu, I will appreciate it if they can include pictures alongside so one can have an idea of what you are ordering or better still an E-menu.

I made an order I ended up not liking because I imagined it to be something else?.

Budget: 30k for 2 people
Single meal: 5500-12500


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