Kaanubaru Restaurant, Lagos

Kaanubaru, I like your style ?

Firstly you’ll pass by this restaurant twice without knowing they exist ?, I doubt they have a sign. If you are a Femi then this should be your spot ??

Kaanubaru Restaurant, Lagos

I promised y’all a review and I’m here to deliver, let’s start by scrutinizing the space:
I find it interesting, it’s a concrete built restaurant (very unusual) cause the floor, walls and bar are pure concrete. The bar is pretty and the glass display attractive ?. Extremely coded spot in the heart of Gbagada. Now we didn’t come to this life to get debited for spaces so let’s move on to the “koko” the food!

Kaanubaru Restaurant, Lagos

I actually visited Kaanubaru twice so as not to give a biased review and well… second chances ?. They have a limited menu and wait time is about 20 – 30 mins depending on the meal. In the 2 visits we had:

-Efo riro Chip and Dip(N5,500): It was nice to see but the taste didn’t excite me. Although the Efo riro tasted unique, the corn was too soft and the cheese was in deficit proportion, the chicken was too dry (emphasis on the dry) ?

Kaanubaru Restaurant, Lagos

-Crab+Jumbo ? Jollof Linguine (N5,500): I can eat this all day everyday ??. The taste was divine, seasoning all in the right amount and yes they brought the jollof to the linguine and the prawns were big ??. It was nice enough to convince me to eat a crab ?.

-Spiced groundnut chicken stew & herbed plantain (N4,500): So good! A perfect chioce if you love rice and the groundnut stew was so nicely flavoured. My only wish was that the plantain was more ?, for a meal with plantain in its name I expected more than 5 or 6 pieces.

Kaanubaru Restaurant, Lagos

-Asaro Platter + Roti (N4,500): If you go there very hungry, order this. Great value for money and everything in this combo tasted lit. The Roti flat bread was interesting!

Overall I’ll rate a 7/10, they are doing well.

Kaanubaru Restaurant, Lagos

Now onto the drinks, we got Tequila sunrise and Gidi Sunrise mock tails . The bartender here knows his work when it comes to mocktails cause I enjoyed these! A big yass to adding cinnamon in cocktails ?. Mocktails costs N2,500 each

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