Maison Kayser Restaurant

My initial post on Maison Kayser’s restaurant decor got a lot of love (thank you guys! ?) So now lets talk about the food! ???

We had some complimentary bread rolls as the starter and they nearly broke my jaw. They were so hard that i had to rip out the dough and leave the crust. Don’t eat this if you don’t have iron teeth guys.

I visited the restaurant with Monsieurstiiz who ordered a Chicken Toastie but it really wasn’t what he was expecting. He wanted some slices of bread stuffed with chicken i guess, but got what was in the first slide lmao. It actually tasted nice funny enough ??‍♀️

I had the Spaghetti Carbonara with a cranberry juice because i don’t drink when i eat out. Yemi had a lemonade that looked like some detox green smoothie. He really needs to make better food choices ?

The ice-cream was N800 per scoop and this is one of the best deals ever because it’s delicious and a larger portion than expected.
The staff are always overwhelmed on weekends so expect service to be slow, but good all the same. I can’t wait to go back to Maisonkayser_ng the spaghetti was so amazing gosh ??

Meal Deets:
Chicken Toastie – N4,000
Spaghetti Carbonara – N4,500
Cranberry Juice – N600
Minted Lemonade – N2,000
Ice Cream – N800 per scoop

Review By: Damiedarling


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