Vendome Restaurant, Lagos


Vendome.lagos have a really good shout for being the most beautiful restaurant in Lagos?. It’s really such a pretty space and definitely up there for those who going for nice shots is a big deal (if this comes across as snobbish, it’s really not our intention ?, you know the vibe)

Vendome Restaurant, Lagos

The waiters are super professional and really knowledgeable about their meals, among the most knowledgeable we’ve seen ✅️

Vendome.lagos really make their case for being a luxury restaurant…except when it comes to the food?

For starters, we had the four seasons pizza which wasn’t bad. A melt of tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and blue cheese. It was solid but for the price, it just felt a tad too expensive. This became a running theme.

Vendome Restaurant, Lagos

We then had the beef sliders which were our highlight of the day. This was so well made and lovely. Love how the bun wasn’t too thick and the fried mozzarella (we think) inside really complemented the patty

Vendome Restaurant, Lagos

For our main, we had the chicken roulade with mash by the side. It’s basically chicken breast pounded flat, rolled up and stuffed. The mash was pretty hard but thankfully the chef (think the name was Mustapha) got us another?. It was a good meal certainly but again, for the price, we really feel you could have better options elsewhere. Generally felt like a lot of things were overpriced (even with Buhari economy factored in)

Vendome Restaurant, Lagos

We did really love the Mojito ?and the tiramisu. They probably could have worked better on the presentation for the Tiramisu but it definitely tasted better than it looks

All in all, there’s still a lot we like about Vendome.lagos so even though we had mixed opinions
on the food. Great staff, lovely ambience, it’s a really nice vibe but we are a bit lukewarm on the food especially compared to the cost. Still worth a visit though.

Vendome Restaurant, Lagos

?: Vendome.lagos
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit (more for the ambience than the food)✅️

Four Seasons- 9,000
Beef Sliders- 7,500
Chicken Roulade- 17,500
Tiramisu- 6,000
Mojito Kiwi- 5,500

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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