Ann’s Restaurant Abuja Review

Ann’s restaurant is located at 36 Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja. There is a section of the restaurant that the ambiance is minimalist yet classy. Great for small corporate hangout and brunch. There is also a beautiful outdoor section where everywhere is covered in Artificial grass.

Ann’s Restaurant Abuja Review

Visited the restaurant because I heard it’s a good place to eat but my experience wasn’t a good one, probably it’s one of those bad days. Although, the restaurant is quite affordable especially for its location.

For the food, I will give it 5/10. Didn’t like the jollof rice, it’s below par for a restaurant jollof rice standard and it’s nothing near homemade.

The drinks were too sugary like I said Abuja people and Sugar? but I enjoyed my pina colada, will recommend.

Ann’s Restaurant Abuja Review

Customer service was just there, I think that was what spoilt my entire experience. First, the waiters seem so busy that it will take time to get their attention.
Secondly, requested the bill and saw the prices of the drinks on the bill are different(higher) from the one on the menu.

I called their attention to that, just for them to be saying they’ve updated their price list, I was like why is that not reflecting on the menu (mind you, they’ve used tipp-ex to change a lot of prices on the menu, so I was wondering why I still need to pay more than what was stated).

Ann’s Restaurant Abuja Review

Another waiter came and was trying to blame the waitress that attended to me (that she was new). I changed it for him that he shouldn’t blame her, that has got nothing to do with your company’s managerial flaws. Price was A on the menu, you used tipp-ex to change it to B on that same menu, then you want me to pay C? Nah kolework.

Love the look of the menu (the cover is wooden) also love the fact the menu comes with pictures so you can have an idea of what you are ordering.

10k for one person (you might not spend up to that if you are not doing 3 courses)

Ann’s Restaurant Abuja Review


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