Lamango Restaurant and Lounge, Ikeja Lagos

Lamango is a contemporary restaurant and lounge located at Ikeja GRA. This is for every mainlander in my dm that thought I’ve forgotten them😭. The fact is I’ve been to more restaurants on the mainland than the island.

It’s just that the mainland visits are very old in my archive, so reviewing them without a recent experience might be biased as they might have changed services, food taste/portions, and ambiance. I can only post a review once I’ve revisited 😘.

Lamango Restaurant and Lounge, Ikeja Lagos

Although I have some in my highlights showing food portions and ambiance as at the time of my visit, hopefully, most of them have improved.

This is the second time I’m visiting here and I can tell they have improved a whole lot. My first visit wasn’t great. Couldn’t even rate them as service was poor same with the food. Although that was long time ago.

My visit this time was awesome, they’ve improved on their ambiance, service, and food. Although it shows they have a lot of things going on in their menu but most of the items weren’t available when I visited.

Lamango Restaurant and Lounge, Ikeja Lagos

The portions of food were a lot, especially the pasta, it was enough to serve two. The meals are quite affordable, especially for that location. My pasta was yummy, the wings were well prepared juicy, and spicy.

Although they need to improve on the waiting time after an order has been made, looks like it takes forever especially when you are very hungry 😭, so I will advise you to place orders immediately you enter.

Lamango Restaurant and Lounge, Ikeja Lagos

Also need to improve on the outdoor ambiance, looks deserted more like they need to get a better interior designer especially the poolside looking like all those cheap hotels with a small pool🥴.

Overall, it’s a great place to visit as it is budget-friendly and the food is well cooked. The pool and outdoor ambiance are ideal for evening chills, the rooftop is ideal for birthdays, baby/ bridal showers.

Lamango Restaurant and Lounge, Ikeja Lagos


Budget: 10k.

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