Kapadoccia Restaurant Lagos

Kapadoccia (the cave restaurant) one of my favorite luxurious restaurants is located on Victoria Island. Although quite expensive they will give you value for your money in terms of taste.

As the description implies, it’s built to look like a cave, just like restaurants in Turkey. Almost a replica of the branch in Abuja so I won’t say much about the ambiance (check out my post on Kapadoccia Abuja).

Kapadoccia Restaurant Lagos

For customer service, I will give them 8/10. It could have been 10/10 but not all their staff are friendly and my waiter was trying to enforce a particular meal on me because it was chef’s special of the day or whatever which I didn’t find cool, in my mind I was like “you wan pay for me”.

Also had the attitude of trying to make me buy more than what I had ordered, I get he is trying to make sales but oga calm down?, for instance, while eating; he will come to say “should I bring water?” I had to ask if it was on the house because I said to myself I go soon beat this guy?. So I will advise you to know what you are ordering and don’t forget your budget (although it’s not a budget-friendly restaurant).
Kapadoccia Restaurant Lagos

What impressed me more about their service is the fact the waiters will speak to you in a language you understand, there was a guest that could mostly communicate well in Yoruba and I heard the waiter explaining the menu in Yoruba, I was like “burst my head”?.

The fact the waiters understand the menu so well is very impressive, they will even tell you some of the ingredients in the meal in case you have allergies. You can also have a waiter to yourself as they have a lot of waiters on standby.

Kapadoccia Restaurant Lagos

One thing I still don’t get is their “Strictly by reservation” rule, are you telling me you will turn back someone that just walked in without reservation when you have empty seats?


Kapadoccia Restaurant Lagos

What I had: Excluding Tax
Jungle pie 6988
Caveman Mini platter 27950
Chapman 4300
Blue mojito 6665

The meals are heavily taxed, i think I paid close to 8k for tax

Kapadoccia Restaurant Lagos

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