Kaanubaru Restaurant

Do you agree that Afro-Fusion is the future of culinary?

Kaanubaru Restaurant

Afro-Fusion is a cuisine that has recently been under exploration but I think Kaanubaru has taken it a step further.

If yam can be a starter and not taste or look like yam, then I’m curious.

Asides wait time, I was genuinely impressed with this restaurant. The menu is distinct, design is rustic and non pretentious and the dishes and decor sang in harmony.

This restaurant can sit a solid 40 people and is tucked away in such a way that no one can tell it’s even there(did someone say coded restaurant?).

Kaanubaru Restaurant

This place is worth culinary tourism.

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Kaanubaru Restaurant

I’ll review my favorite 3
CRISPY YAM: if I didn’t know the name of this dish, I wouldn’t have guessed it was yam. It was soft on the inside and had a crispy crust on the outside with fresh ugwu. If you’ve ever said “I don’t like yam” like me, this dish might adjust your perspective.

KALAKUTA COCONUT CURRY: the curry is rich and bursting with flavors of fresh herbs a small spices and tender chicken cubes. One thing I noticed during the service is that ‘YOU CAN STATE HOW YOU WANT YOUR FOOD’ and they’ll be willing to run with it(this is not an Uju exclusive feature?). With COUSCOUS SALAD, this combo is perfection, will definitely be my meal anytime I stop by here.


Kaanubaru Restaurant

FISHERMAN’S BRUNCH: when we ordered this, I was first afraid it would be just rice with seafoods scattered all over but it was a peasant sight. They chose the best selections of seafoods with a corn on the cob, calamari, plantain, vegetables and jollof rice.

Almost every meal in this lunch menu has vegetables infused.


1. I appreciate that they didn’t try to fit in, their Afro fusion menu is thorough, custom and intentional.
2. They probably the only casual dining restaurant in Gbagada(I stand to be corrected)
3. The have an array of cocktails, they are good at it.
4. Improve the wait time and keep every dish tasting like the last and this restaurant will be envy.

Kaanubaru Restaurant

BUDGET (per couple):⁣ 15,000-20,000
CUISINE : Afro-Fusion
BEST FOR : Dates
ADDRESS?: Gbagada Phase 1

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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