Utazi Restaurant Lagos


The visit to Utazing was such an impromptu one and as such, we feel we probably need a second trip to assess properly. When it comes to traditional food, we’ve always kind of preferred actual local spots as we always feel they’re better value for money?.

At Utazing we came for their catfish peppersoup which we had to go but in the meantime, while waiting for it, we decided to have nkwobi to just prepare our stomachs. Thr waiter (who was super nice and quick to attend to us throughout) told us it will be ready in 5 minutes which we didn’t believe cos well this is Lagos and even those who use 3 hours say 5 minutes⏰️.

Utazi Restaurant Lagos

To our surprise, it did take just 5 minutes. We kind of prefer isiewu but it wasn’t available. The nkwobi was really nice and soft though so if that’s for you, you should love it. Like we said, you probably get more in terms of quantity in street joints but the quality on this was good✅️.

The catfish? peppersoup was greattt?❤️. Loved loved it. Was so well spiced and that was a major winner. Fully recommend you having that when you go there.

Utazi Restaurant Lagos

All in all, even though we would probably point you to some street joints first for local chow like this, Utazing do themselves justice and don’t really miss on any points. Even the pricing isn’t that bad compared to street joints. We’ll probably be back for more some time in the future??‍♂️.

Utazi Restaurant Lagos

?: utazing
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit ✅️

Nkwobi- 3500 (we think ?)
Catfish Peppersoup- 8500
Pineapple Juice- 1500

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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