Pearl Restaurant Lagos

Some Restaurants have a way of making your experience with them properly felt so that you would be satisfied with whatever amount you end up spending and others just want to sell their market and you can carry your wahala and be going..
Like Greyhazel_ said “I’ll rather go where I would pay more and enjoy a fine dining experience” This was the case with the value of money spent was felt.

Pearl Restaurant Lagos


I ordered;

PRESENTATION: everything about this place was properly detailed, from the ambiance, to the paintings, to the lighting, the arrangement of cutlery, the arrangement of the food, the service, attitude to work, everything was proper. They treated me with so much courtesy ?

Pearl Restaurant Lagos

NIGERIAN PLATTER: the Nigerian platter contains different Nigerian specials; fried plantain, jollof rice, snail, fried yam, turkey wings, all arranged properly ?. Their jollof rice was proper jollof, PARTY JOLLOF, having that charcoal pot taste ??. Plantain has never failed in taste, I don’t think I have tasted fried plantain I didn’t like. For someone that isn’t so much of a yam fan, I enjoyed the yam and pepper sauce combo. The snail and turkey wings were the highlights of this platter, especially that snail, was prepared for you to enjoy it ??

OPEN BBQ BURGER: very rich burger ? with well cooked tasty beef and the veggie were in the right amount. I actually enjoyed this burger ?? it’s on my list of tasty burgers ?

Pearl Restaurant Lagos

(I’m still in search of the restaurant or brand that makes the best burger in Lagos)

I have to say that, really impressed me ? , their service is top notch and it was an amazing experience. It is amazing how they actually time when to bring this and bring that and do this and do that and it was always just perfect timing.
I also got N15k OFF my bill for winning their December giveaway ?

PS: is not for the weak please, you have to have strong mind, like I said before, DO NOT GO THERE WITH MEGA CHICKEN, IT WOULD END IN PREMIUM TEARS FAM.


Review By: Paulkezu


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