Prime Chinese Restaurant Lagos

CHINA TOWN- I had lunch at China town because I had visited Primelagos who are just a few blocks from me to make enquires and reservations and their manager told me to come back another time after asking me to wait for over 25 minutes (Uju, breathe)

ORDER: Rice noodles with chicken, Chicken sauce with green pepper and plain rice.

AMBIENCE: Very simple, most suitable for take outs and quick lunch.

SERVICE: Very quick and helpful (they turned off the AC’s for us)

TASTE: Just the exact taste I had been craving •
??: RICE NOODLES: 1,800
RICE: 1800

?: 14, Idowu Martins Street , Victoria Island

HONEST THOUGHT: I contemplated changing locations because I like when ambience is cute (lol) but it was also a wholesome portion for 2 and very suitable for lunch.

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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