Spur Nigeria

22,000 divided by 6 = ?

The answer is what each person will spend on this platter that can feed 6 people conveniently. I could hardly breathe and we couldn’t finish the food yet we were 5.

𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗘𝗥 (#rcapproved)
~ Mini platter 3 ~
3 healthy plates of rice
3 pieces of large chicken
3 baked fish
2 large plates of salad.
2 plates of waffles and ice cream
1 bottle of white wine
1 large bottle of soda
~ Vanilla Milkshake ~

RICE: the rice was seasoned to perfection and had this toasted taste like it was toasted before hand. The vegetables were alive and Jollof is the Jollof many Jollofs aspire to be.

COATED FISH: no trace of oil, this fish tasted as it was supposed to, the dipping on the other hand was the icing on the cake. It even paired perfectly with the salad.

BARBECUE CHICKEN: this chicken was tender. Juicy on the outside but a little dry on the inside and although I’ve seen this to be how large chicken is enjoyed by many, I just think that if a barbecue sauce dipping accompanied this chicken, it would have been glorious.

COMPLIMENTARY: so they served us this peppery, juicy chicken strips that made me drool, hungry and helped to remove the alcohol that was in my eyes.

DESSERT: I thought we were done and boom, I saw dessert coming. The thought in this package was everything for me. After a ton of photos, I liked the thick edges and the softness in the middle of the waffles. The icecream melted off quickly and was too thin. Dear Spur, kindly make it creamier(I believe in you).

I will pay 3,666 any day to share this platter with 5 of my friends. This is a major steal and I’ll be doing this more often ‘because my papa no be Dangote’. But wait time can be improved and the little here’s and there’s I mentioned must be adjusted to make the entire experience a wholesome one.

📍: @officialspurnigeria

BUDGET (per couple):⁣ 3,666-10,000
CUISINE : American⁣⁣
BEST FOR : Friendly dates/Family⁣
ADDRESS📍: Admiral Spur, De Lakes Mall, Admiralty, Lekki 1.
PARKING 🚙:⁣ Plenty

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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