Restaurants with Outdoor Seating In Lagos

Restaurants with Outdoor Seating AKA Patios

Restaurants with Outdoor Seating In Lagos

I am writing this post because December is fast approaching and I’ll soon start getting DM’s from everyone asking for lists of various kinds of places. This is one of many I’ll share, so kindly SAVE and SHARE to your IJGB’s, friends and family .

Many restaurants have patios in form of awnings, canopies or outdoor seating. I like them because they are cool to chill especially when you want to be out till late.


1. Skura.doublefour : if you’ve ever been to the palms lekki, you would have seen this place.

2. Hrclagos : what’s most attractive about this one is that the beach is the view but it’s a far view oo. So if you are short sighted, you won’t see the water ?

3. Kohinoorlagos : as you saw in my last post, they have 3 storeys with a patio and pretty front porches on each floor.

4. Shirolagos : Japanese cuisine. It sits right beside HardRock Cafe.

5. Cactuslagos : Cactus patio allows you to have a view of the sea closeup.

6. : this place id basically on the water.

7. Thepatiolagos : patio as the name implies has a large outdoor space. They sell mostly Nigerian fusion menu .

8. Nativesrestaurant : it has an outdoor sitting with an authentic Nigerian menu.

9. : Eko Atlantic ?.

Lounges With Outdoor Sitting

1. Sidewalkvi : this place is cool for after work chills and if you are a fan of football, they show live matches

2. Jadalounge : this place is also a spot for after work chills and for football lovers to chill as they have activations every now and then.

3. Baylounge ~ by the seaside

4. Bolivarbarlagos ~ by the seaside

5. Sealounge_lagos ~ by the seaside

6. Wbarlounge ~ by the seaside


1. La Mango Ikeja ~ Lamangolounge
2. Rhapsody’s ICM ~ Rhapsodys_nigeria
3. Zen Garden Ikeja ~ Zengarden.gra
4. Orchid Bistro Ikeja ~ Theorchidbistro
5. Orchid House Apapa ~ Orchidhouselagos
6. Bheerhugz ICM ~ Bheerhugzcafe

Kindly add any restaurants with a patio that isn’t on the list.AKA Patios

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