The Signature Lekki

How do you feel about Nigerian food being commercialized all over the world like Chinese food?

If you skim through my posts or have been here for a while, you’ll know that I am pro ‘Commercialize Nigerian food’ so I definitely give a bias to any Nigerian infusion even if it is pretentious.

This restaurant is located at IMAX Lekki and is almost easy to miss. I heard they’ve been there for a while but a door away from the main building is too close to miss.

We were invited to the official launch and menu tasting of Thesignature_lekki in which one of Nigeria’s top chef Imoteda is the Head Chef.

Asides the non-pretentious ambience which is clean, classy and simple and the Sangria, one thing that I heard loud and clear was “we decided to keep our menu short and simple so we never have to say ‘sorry ma, that one is not available’”.

1. Imoteda’s Hangover Bowl was by far my favorite: just like I recorded in the video, it’s Singapore noodles whipped up with Suya.

2. Banana Bread Toast: this came with some salted caramel and vanilla icecream and it tasted good.

3. Jollof Aracinni: if the seasoning could be tamed, this dish is basically Jollof rice wrapped like scotch eggs and as much as the creativity seemed pretentious, I found it extremely exciting.

If you’ve ever asked me for restaurants that have a few desserts, you can add this to your list.

What Nigerian food have you seen being sold abroad asides Jollof???

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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