South Eatery And Social House

I attended a #GOT trivia night at South_social with Wonderwoman124 and because we were losing so bad, we ordered the Boneless Wings and Queen of Thorns cocktail to console ourselves ?‍♀️

Not much to say here; i didn’t enjoy it because it was underseasoned by Nigerian standards (i’m a Yoruba girl plis dear) so it got pretty boring for me real quick. It was basically overpriced KFC (at least KFC is nice and spicy)

We had to force ourselves to finish it which wasn’t a good sign because wings are my favorite appetizer and i’ve never had a problem with them elsewhere?

The vibe at the restaurant was nice that night, or maybe it was because there was a crowd so it was really lively. If i had enjoyed my meal, i would have returned there to get a proper feel of the restaurant without the noise but nahh, that’s past tense.

Meal Deets:
Boneless Wings: N3,000
Queen of Thorns cocktail: N3,000
VAT: N600

Review By: Damiedarling


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