RSVP Restaurant Lagos

RSVP Lagos:

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RSVP (again, yes☠️)
Just because we can’t ever get tired of one of our favourite spots in Lagos. Here’s another rsvplagos review for you

We started off with the mini caesar burgers. Well that was the name on the receipt for whatever reason ??‍♂️…but what it was actually were three sliders with buttermilk friend chicken as the patty. Not sure if this was as good as the duck or beef sliders but it was certainly very decent. We would just go with the other aforementioned options?

RSVP Restaurant Lagos

Our mains were the roasted salmon and (once again, just because it never misses), the chicken roast. The chicken roast is made up of a roasted half chicken with awesome awesome mash and gravy by the side. Definitely one of the best meals you can have in Lagos, trust us on that ?

The salmon filet was a new experience. Salmon pan seared in beurre blanc (fancy butter sauce) with salmon croquettes and potatoes by the side. We were not that pumped about the croquettes but the salmon was perfection (chef’s kiss)

RSVP Restaurant Lagos

The cocktail was fire as well ?❤️. Had the copa lebanon- Bacardi, Martini Rosso, peach, orange, lemon and others. Loved it

As usual, customer service was right on point and we didn’t have to wait as long as we had to on other previous visits. Couple that with lovely ambience and rsvplagos remains one of the very best places to dine out in Lagos. We fully recommend you pay them a visit. Only real downside we’ve noticed is it can be a tad difficult to get really good clear shots due to their dim lighting but that’s really nitpicking.
RSVP Restaurant Lagos

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Onijekuje Verdict: Must Go❤️?

Chicken Roast- 13,800
Salmon Filet-18,800
Mini Caesar Burger- 7,800
Copa Lebanon- 4,600
Chapman- 2,600

RSVP Restaurant Lagos

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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