The Cabin, Surulere Lagos


We’ve been searching for more sweet spots on the mainland and we found one in Surulere- Cabinlagos

Cabin Lagos is such a vibe. It kind of reminds us of Southsocial and dare we say, it’s the Mainland South. The music sometimes gets really loud but we love how it kind of veers between a club and a restaurant.

The Cabin, Surulere Lagos

We had the Shoddy’s Special- pasta dipped in cream with spicy sausages, chicken breast and vegetables. This was our best meal of the day- so so good and we fully recommend.

We also had the Alfredo Pasta which is pasta dipped in cooking cream with chicken breast and spice with chicken or turkey. We didn’t love this as much as the Shoddys special though and you could look for other options.

The Cabin, Surulere Lagos

For starters (and yes, we don’t care that we are putting starters here?), we had the Peppered goat which we absolutely loved. The goat was so well spiced and the chips were well made.

Our drinks were the Cabin Fever and Lady Margaret. The cabin fever is one of the wildest drinks we have had- extremely strong we must say so it’s not for the faint hearted.

All in all, Cabinlagos is definitely one of the better places we’ve visited on the mainland and we loved it.

The Cabin, Surulere Lagos

?: Cabinlagos
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit ✅️

Shoddy’s Special- 6,000
Alfredo Pasta- 5,000
Peppered Goat- 3,500
Lady Margaret- 3,500
Cabin Fever- 3,500

The Cabin, Surulere Lagos

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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