Scotch Bonnet Restaurant, Lagos

As regular as rice, pasta, plantain, burger or any of those familiar “Safe To Order” meals seem, when they are prepared specially by a chef there’s a whole lot of difference you would be getting; from presentation, the arrangement of everything that makes up the food, the condiments, the taste of the food, and at the end, you get complete satisfaction from the meal.

Scotch Bonnet Restaurant

Restaurants know how to make us pay 5k for a plate of food and give us food like it’s tasting we came to do, plixx, I came to eat, can you give me something that will fill my belly. I’m food quantity conscious and it’s only two restaurants that have passed it for me, I’m talking of a sizable quantity that will at least satisfy your hunger; Purple Bistro & Scotchbonnetrestaurants

I actually had to force myself to finish my meal Scotchbonnetrestaurants cos it was a lot, even apart from the fact that there was more than one dish on the table, if you order for a single meal, be sure you would be satisfied ?

Scotch Bonnet Restaurant

I Ordered;


Scotch Bonnet Restaurant


PRESENTATION: if you watched my last reals, you would get a clear visual of how beautiful this place looks with all the artworks and beautifully arranged tables, just as a restaurant should be. I loved the color lightings, service was excellent, meal took a while tho but we kept ourselves busy with pictures and the soft music was extra spice..

Scotch Bonnet Restaurant

NATIVE RICE: please look at that native rice again and tell me you are not in love with that plate already ??. This beautiful looking meal wasn’t just beautiful for nothing but it also had an amazing taste, it’s a very safe meal to order, I can assure you, you would have no regrets. The snail and prawn (?? I want the prawn again ??), although the snail was kinda slimy after you chew, like it wasn’t washed properly, it still came out nice cos it was spicy , so it was tasty. The prawn was amazing, one of the best I have had..

Scotch Bonnet Restaurant

MEATY NOODLES: I don’t know but this has to be one of their best sellers cos this noodles is not a joke‼️ Ahhh, this noodles bursted my head.

Review By: Paulkezu


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