La’Vee Rooftop Restaurant Lagos

With a lovely view and a very attractive menu, with very delicious meals, I would say Laveerooftop is doing the Lords Work in making sure that we have fun and ease off stress without having to break the bank.

The view of Lagos from this roof top restaurant is one you would definitely want to see over and over again, so beautiful especially at night. They have both indoor and outdoor space and their space is really beautiful..

La'Vee Rooftop Restaurant Lagos

I went all native with my order this time and I ordered;


La'Vee Rooftop Restaurant Lagos


PRESENTATION: like I said, this place is gives you a beautiful view of Lagos and at night, it’s even much more beautiful. Service was really good, wait time wasn’t unnecessary.

ABACHA & UGBA: the waitress was the one that convinced me to go with the ABACHA, she was so confident telling me “Sir, eat our Abacha, it’s very good and you won’t regret it” and at the end truthfully, I didn’t regret it. The Abacha & UGBA was madd, very rich and delicious, the pepper was the right amount I like in my Abacha, enough diced kpomo and dried fish inside, no unnecessary veggies, whoever did the mixing did a perfect job cos I enjoyed every bit of it 💯.

La'Vee Rooftop Restaurant Lagos

NKWOBI: one of the best I have had, very juicy, well spiced but my issue with nkwobi till tomorrow is the native deceiving bowl they always use to serve it, Abeg that rubbish needs to stop. Nkwobi is never enough, never‼️ How will I be seeing that bowl from far thinking, ahhh, this one go choke and only to find out it’s not a deep pot, Abeg make Una stop and I’m talking to all nkwobi and isi ewu sellers. There’s definitely a native plate that is deep that can be used and we can get a sizable quantity of Nkwobi please.

La'Vee Rooftop Restaurant Lagos

PEPPER CHICKEN: I love how soft and tasty this chicken was but for the price I payed fam, it was really small, I expected more 😒

HEINEKEN: Heineken with any native dish hits differently, you should try it after eating Asun.

Laveerooftop is a perfect spot for any kind of cruzz, trust me, you would love the experience as it is very pocket friendly and them no go use VAT kill you before you stand up 😂😂

La'Vee Rooftop Restaurant Lagos

Review By: Paulkezu


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