Ocean 5 by Riviera Lagos

Ocean 5 by Riviera is a restaurant I should have reviewed a long time ago because I visited when they newly opened to the public. I presume their services might have changed since the last time I visited, however, I’ll still leave a review about my experience at the time.
Ocean 5 by Riviera Lagos

It is located in Victoria Island and has a very beautiful space for any type of dining; more of formal and birthday dining. For the ambiance will give it 9/10; Proper lighting, well spaced chairs, cute mirrors hung on walls, fountain to enhance romantic dinners.

They have a lot going on in their menu; from Indian to Italian to Mexican to American to African dishes. These are the few I could recognize but trust me, everything was a hit! All meals I ordered were well prepared and tasty.

Ocean 5 by Riviera Lagos

The pepper soup was definitely prepared by a yoruba man ? just how i like it.(it bangs more with bread than my steamed rice?)

They serve you confectioneries which is on the house (don’t know if they still do that) and you can tell it was made with love?. The Roti (oven baked flat bread) was really crispy could pass for a biscuit.

Raita (Indian yoghurt, more like greek yogurt but thinner) was so yummy and delicious, that i had to request for extra to take out. The roasted Indian spice (more like stew) I had was a little bit bland; I feel the elderly people will enjoy that. Kerala Tacos makes you feel you are in Mexico; it was super tasty will give it 8/10.

Ocean 5 by Riviera Lagos

For customer service, it was just how I loved it to be. My waitress knew her job! (Many restaurants omit teaching their waiters the menu. Let them know how each meal taste so they can know what to recommend). Her eyes weren’t on me, yet she was there whenever I needed attention; just perfect.

Ocean 5 by Riviera Lagos

What I had:
Breads and Nachos – on the house
Nigerian pepper soup with chicken – N4000
Oceans 5 special Biryani – N8000
Oceans 5 signature Ravioli – N8000
Kerala Tacos – N7000
Chapman (my to go drink) -N2500
Ginger passion -N3500 ( wont recommend this, maybe because I don’t like ginger drinks)

Ocean 5 by Riviera Lagos


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