Z kitchen, Victoria lagos

Z kitchen is a Lebanese restaurant located in the heart of Victoria Island, on the popular Saka Tinubu road, and it’s quite easy to locate.
Z kitchen, Victoria lagos

The ambiance is minimalist designed, well spacious that’s a plus for me, I hate it when I have to adjust my sit for others to pass through in a restaurant. Also, they have nice and comfortable seats.

It is one of the busy restaurants I’ve been to so I will advise you to make a reservation when you plan to visit as you might have to wait to get a sitting space.

Z kitchen, Victoria lagos

Its name Z kitchen is the muse when designing the Kitchen utensil art walls, which is a perfect area for picture lovers as there is natural light in that section to enhance your photos and outfits.

Ideal for fancy dates, business meetings, an impressive meeting with the boss, or potential in-laws?. I won’t advise for a birthday party if you are working on a budget.

Sincerely, the meals are overpriced compared to the portions of the food, let me just say the meals are dished for light eaters ?. Every meal is heavily taxed, so be ready to spend.

Z kitchen, Victoria lagos

For the taste, I would say it was okay (based on what I ordered), nothing fancy, probably 6/10 even though it’s presented in a fancy way. They need to work more on this and give us value for our money.

Customer service is 5/10, just there, probably it was one of their busy days. My waiter, although attentive he seemed not to understand the menu, probably he is new as he couldn’t recommend a meal also couldn’t tell if a meal would be enough for two. Let me tell you here now, every meal (even if it was written “small plates to share”) is not enough for one person let alone to share ?

Z kitchen, Victoria lagos

My food came and I’m like “is that all?” with all the money you people are billing me?. My table felt empty? I’m used to going to restaurants and waiters looking for more space on the table to put my meals?.

All in all, it was an okay experience it could be a lot better if they work on some of the few major and a lot of minor things.

Z kitchen, Victoria lagos

What I had:
Creme Fraiche wings 5000
Tomato Linguini 13000
Chapman 3000
Virgin Mojito 3500

Z kitchen, Victoria lagos


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Z kitchen, Victoria lagos

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