Stories Sestaurant Lekki, Lagos

Stories restaurant is located in Lekki phase 1. It was pretty hard to locate as there was no sign or indication on the building, it was looking like a regular apartment from outside.

Stories Sestaurant Lekki, Lagos

Sincerely don’t know why it is named stories, I don’t know if an history is attached to opening of the restaurant or the back story for it to be named that.

Its a minimalist restaurant with small space, which makes it ideal for casual hangouts and catching up with friends. The space is very cozy early hours of the day as it’s serene.

Stories Sestaurant Lekki, Lagos

For customer service, I will give them 5/10 as the waiters weren’t enthusiastic to serve. Also the food processing time was really slow, worst was I visited when I was really hungry.

Best compensation was the fact that the meals were yummy and filling. My pasta could serve two light eaters. Although the meals are pricey.

Stories Sestaurant Lekki, Lagos

Also noticed the menu price list on their page is different from what is at the restaurant (the price list at the restaurant is higher), they need to revisit it and make changes so as not to mislead guests.

Stories Sestaurant Lekki, Lagos

I visited because I wanted lasagna and saw it was available on their menu, but getting there and was told they’ve stopped selling lasagna in years. I was heartbroken, I was wondering why is it on their menu if you’ve stopped serving it?

Stories Sestaurant Lekki, Lagos

Overall it’s a nice, coded place to visit.


What I had:
Pasta arabiata 7000
Sweet potato and fish 6000
Small water 1000

Stories Sestaurant Lekki, Lagos

Excluding service charge

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