Wingsville Grill

Is it just me or 5k feels like the new 1k? (The naira is crying)


When a brand is sure about what they offer, the only thing that’s left to position them is a signature(USP). That taste that says “if I’m not at wingsville I can’t taste this somewhere else” and although the entire meal was very descent, I struggled to find that factor in a few meals items. Here’s why….

I’ve always been hyped about thier chicken wings, the price and portion worked for me and I’ve watched this brand progress from curbside to by the ocean and now an intimate independent space. And so this kind of brands effort is one I’m rooting for.

{rice, 4 chicken wings, 1 turkey, 1 chicken, corn, sausage, soda}
{rice, 1 Tanq Burger, 1 turkey, 1 chicken, corn, sausage, soda}


CHICKEN WINGS: this was tender and tasty, the barbecue sauce was generous and made it the most enjoyable item on the combo.

TURKEY: the turkey was also tender, easy to bite but the taste didn’t quite stand out to me. It wasn’t as memorable as I would have expected from a restaurant that makes flawless chicken wings.

RICE: I liked the taste of this Jollof, one of those Jollofs that are not at home but a little softer and it would have been outstanding.

BURGER ? : I’ve always loved very simple burgers This looked simple and too dry but on the contrary, the bun was made with nice soft bread inside. The chicken in this was also crunchy and well marinated but the burger sauce was an obvious mix and I again I would expected a signature sauce with a kick of spice and other elements that could make it signature.


RESTAURANT: Wingsvillegrill

I would have appreciated a signature burger sauce rather than being able to detect the content of the mix. The rice could be a little softer but with a brand that offers a box of tasty chicken wings for 2,100, I think if they make a signature out of their spices, mix and taste, it could just be reason they are the talk of the town.

BUDGET (per couple):⁣ 4,500-10,000
CUISINE : American
BEST FOR : Friendly dates/Grab and go
ADDRESS?: 21, Admiralty way, Lekki1

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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