1504 Restaurant Lagos

If you ever want to visit other west African countries through food, this is the place to visit. It was a mind blowing experience having to try out other African dishes and I’m certain you would love it here too when you visit. Sometimes, leave the regular nigerian food and explore other peoples culture, you may just find out you are Senegalese by food ??.

1504 Restaurant Lagos

So I explored 4 of our well known west African countries; SENEGAL, GHANA, BENIN REP, CÔDE D’IVOIRE and was served;


1504 Restaurant Lagos

PRESENTATION: NO CAP ?, this place is beautiful, from the outside to the inside, it’s all nature and colors ?, a picture perfect environment. As much as food is always priority for me at any restaurant, ambiance is important too, it adds up to what makes an experience memorable. I love how welcoming their staffs were and the mixologist knows what he is doing. Wait time was a bit long but It’s allowed cos they make the meals from scratch, gives you time to explore their space and they also have games to keep you busy.

1504 Restaurant Lagos

THIEBOU YAPP (CHEP-YAP – RAM): as spicy as I expected this to be cos Senegal is known for spicy foods, this wasn’t in anyway spicy at all, but it wasn’t bad, not my favorite tho but it was accepted by my taste buds. THIEBOU YAPP is a type of jollof rice in Senegal made with fresh vegetables & fragrance rice. It was served with ram meat and veggies. If you are tired of Nigerian jollof rice (I don’t pray you ever get tired tho) you can try this.

1504 Restaurant Lagos

WAAKYE (WACHIE): one of the popular Ghana dishes, WAAKYE is a combination of rice, beans, yellow garri, coleslaw, shitoh and stew. Seeing it, you would think you were served sacrifice ? but it’s taste was good. The food is basic to me without the shitoh and tilapia fish stew.

PIRON ROUGE: the day you get tired of jollof rice, I advice you switch to this. This was my favorite in all the dish served. It was rich, tasty and colorful ?.PIRON ROUGE is jollof eba, made from stork water with some tomatoes, served with bell pepper, ayamashe sauce & chicken. This eba graduated with a first class.

Review By: Paulkezu


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