Eat Grand Grills, Lagos

Ever had spicy noodles that are really spicy, but it’s giving you a satisfying, sweet kinda spicy, so you just keep eating not minding how hot it feels cos you have a cold glass of white wine or beer to step down the meal, yessssss, I love my noodles spicy and I had that exact experience wit Eatgrandgrills and not overeating it but saying facts here, their Grandgrills Suya on Fire Noodles is the best noodles I have ever had since I started eating noodles, ON GAWWWD!

Eat Grand Grills, Lagos

Me and the team went to review some of the food on the menu of Eatgrandgrills and we had;

– Platter Combo: Texan Chicken burger,buffalo wings , Hotdog, Fries and Onion rings.
– Thousand island Beef Burger & Fries
– Linguine Stir-fry Pasta with Drum stick
– Grandgrills Suya on Fire Noodles

Eat Grand Grills, Lagos


PRESENTATION: Eatgrandgrills spot on the island is majorly for pick up, although they have a small space where you can eat if you want to quickly eat your food. lovely presentation, I love when a plate or platter is looking very attractive and arranged, you can easily tell it was put together by a professional that knows what he/she is doing.

Eat Grand Grills, Lagos

Platter Combo: Texan Chicken burger,buffalo wings , Hotdog, Fries and Onion rings; this platter is the best to order if you hangout with a foodie cos it’s a combination of everything that anyone would love to have, there must be something that’s for you. The chicken burger was my fav in this platter; it’s the levels of the chicken for me ??. It was delicious and satisfying ?.
The Wings were tasty, properly marinated in the bbq sauce used. The hot dog was also really nice and not the one with no sausage at the top or bottom ? (and brands like that want to make heaven, ok oo)
Fries should never taste bad, like it’s not allowed to, it should be crunchy on the outside and have the right amount of salt and this fries had all the qualities. On the other hand the onion rings were a little too dried but with the ketchup, it made a good combo.

Eat Grand Grills, Lagos

Review By: Paulkezu


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