The Harvest, Lekki Lagos


Not enough Lekki posts on this page tbvh so here’s our throwback The Harvest  review, one of Lekki’s most popular places.
To start off with, we had their Wakanda pizza made up of mozzarella cheese, chicken suya, red onions and tomatoes. Shameless marketing name aside?, it was a pretty damn good pizza and loved how thin the crusts were. Side bar- all pizzas really should be thin crusts?

The Harvest, Lekki Lagos

Next, we went on to have their “The Eatalian”. We are really struggling to think of how many burgers we’ve had in lagos better tbh. A beef burger with roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese, tomato aioli and a side of potato wedges. What’s not to like and a very fair price?

The Harvest, Lekki Lagos

To push this down, we had their pine and ginger cocktail and their oreo milkshake and for the ijekujes amongst us, pretty sweet buy (get it??). Also a decent enough ambience and reallt warm staff. Overall Theharvestlagos is a place we would recommend you checking out

The Harvest, Lekki Lagos

?: Theharvestlagos
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit ✅

Wakanda pizza- 5,000
The Eatalian- 5,500
Pine and ginger- 3,500
Oreo Milkshake- 3,500

The Harvest, Lekki Lagos

*Prices might have been updated

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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