The Pearl Garden, Lagos

The Pearl Garden is a Chinese restaurant located on Victoria Island. The structure is almost the same as zen garden (check my highlights for more info at Faithreviews).

The Pearl Garden, Lagos

The Chinese-themed ambiance capture the essence of the Chinese culture with different artifacts and decorations hung in every corner, love it!😍.

Lighting isn’t that great for pictures but a good camera will do justice to that or a camera with a dark mode feature will do.

I love that they have bag stools for their guests, if you know me, you know this is one thing I always look out for in a restaurant, you can’t be stressing me on where to place my purse.

The Pearl Garden, Lagos

Great place for group hangouts, catch up with a few friends, or family gatherings, as the menu is better enjoyed in a group.

For the food, the serving portion is okay but I won’t say the restaurant is budget-friendly. For anything you order, prepare to pay 10% service charge, 7.5% VAT, and 5% consumption tax, oppor! Oh don’t forget additional fee for take away box.

The meals are yummy! value for your money. One thing I look out for is the Prawn mayonnaise-filled spring roll if it is good, I automatically assume the main dish will be lit which it was👌🏾.

The Pearl Garden, Lagos

Customer service was great 8/10. Omo, my waiter knows all the meals, the numbers allocated to all meals on the menu by heart. Before I say, Jack, he will say “oh you can find that in number 165”🤯. No time to waste time, this makes it a lot easier as you feel more comfortable with your order.

(Please note that the restaurant is located at the other end of the same street where the map directs you to).

Budget 40k for two

The Pearl Garden, Lagos

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