Z kitchen, Lagos


So we made a visit to Zkitchenlagos to chill with one of the big boys of the Lagos restaurants??. It was kind of an impromptu thing (never do this when going out, no really don’t!) so we couldn’t get great seats. Had to make do sitting in front of the bar on really uncomfortable chairs (bummer ?)

Z kitchen, Lagos

To start off with, had the Korean Beef Baos – Essentially fluffy steamed buns filled with brisket garnished with a homemade Korean BBQ sauce ??. Maybe not the best baos we’ve ever had but these were pretty solid.

Then we had the slow cooked lamb which was braised boneless leg of lamb, Persian style basmati rice pilaf with fried nuts and raisins.

If a meal can ever grow on someone, it was this☠. Ignore the terrible attempt a sexy pour in our stories ?. This meal actually tasted a lot better the day after weirdly, after heating it up in the microwave. The brisket initially felt super dry but the rice was A1??

Z kitchen, Lagos

Lastly we had the chargrilled king prawns?- lemon oil marinated prawns with a side of linguini ?. Loved this, best meal of the night.?

For the cocktail, we had the New York Sour- a mix of Bourbon, red wine and orange juice. Surprisingly one of the better cocktails we’ve had of recent.

Z is a lil bit pricey compared to the average premium restaurant here (Maybe not entirely their fault, Buhari economy 2022 is not your mate) but we think they do just enough to get you hearing “Savings or Current” in their home.

Service was a bit slow but the staff were super nice and courteous.

Z kitchen, Lagos

?: Zkitchenlagos
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit✅??

Korean Beef BBQ Baos- 6,000
Slow Cooked Lamb- 11,500
Chargrilled King Prawns- 13,000

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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